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Halcón Cerámicas was founded all the way back in 1963, a time when kilns were fed with logs from our mountains and tiles were sorted by hand. That enthusiasm and effort from an emerging business project, that to this day is faithfully represented by the sculpture that the company donated to Castellón and that adorns one of the entrances to the city, has not stopped growing for over half a century, leading to the company becoming a world leader in the production and sale of ceramic products.

These days our four production centres are equipped with the most advanced technology. The research, the continual improvement of processes and the most exhaustive quality controls guarantee the highest quality products and services to satisfy the most demanding markets in the entire world.

Our customers choose us as their supplier because they see that Grupo Halcón offers a wide range of formats, a cutting-edge design and the guarantee of a product produced with the best raw materials, but above all, because they recognise the passion of a group of people who love their work.

With these premises and with a determined entrepreneurial spirit, the company is moving towards a future overflowing with ambitious new projects.