Madox Collection

A house is a home.

One collection.
Multiple possibilities.

Discover the available formats and the range of colours on offer in this collection.

White paste

Madox Arrow Blanco

Madox Arrow Gris

Madox Arrow Antracita

Madox Spike Blanco

Madox Spike Gris

Madox Spike Antracita

Madox Ornato Antracita

Madox Ornato Blanco

Madox Ornato Gris

Madox Tropic Antracita

Madox Tropic Blanco

Madox Tropic Gris

White paste

Madox Square Blanco

Madox Square Gris

Madox Square Antracita

Madox City Blanco

Madox City Gris

Madox Sonora Blanco

Madox Sonora Gris

Madox Sonora Antracita

Madox City Antracita

Red paste

Madox Relieve Blanco

Madox Relieve Gris

Madox Relieve Antracita

Madox Decor Gris

Features of this collection

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