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We are one of the leading companies in the ceramics sector, dedicated to designing, manufacturing, and distributing ceramic products.

60 years in the industry

One of the most important companies in the ceramics industry

+ 2,000 products marketed

Always meeting the highest market demands and leading on the most cutting-edge trends.

5 production sites

With a capacity of more than 50 million m2

Distribution outlets

We are the first choice for major distributors of ceramic products.

How did we get here?

1963: Foundation of the company

A time when kilns were fed with logs from our mountains and the tiles were sorted by hand.

1963- 2017: Organic growth

4 production sites with a daily production output of 120,000 m2.

2018: Joining Falcon Private Holding

Halcón Cerámicas becomes part of an internationally recognised investment group. 

2020: Halcón Cerámicas reinvents itself

With short-term growth plans and an investment of 40 million Euros, the company forecasts estimated sales of 250 million Euros.

2021: Halcón Cerámicas 4.0

New facilities, new digital tools, and improvement of productive processes and installations makes Halcón Cerámicas one of the most cutting-edge companies in the industry.

Learn more about our history

Halcón Cerámicas was founded all the way back in 1963, a time when kilns were fed with logs from our mountains and tiles were sorted by hand.

That enthusiasm and effort from an emerging business project has not stopped growing for over half a century, leading to the company becoming a world leader in the production and sale of ceramic products.

What are our values?

Our project as a company depends on our concern for our surroundings, the environment, and sustainability. Without neglecting innovation in all our processes and our commitment to a high-quality team.


We are convinced that no business can be viable without caring for society and for nature. As such, the responsibility of Halcón Cerámicas goes well beyond the limits of the company, with a clear focus on caring for the environment.

We are fully committed to wellbeing and the best quality of life for everyone. Our fundamental purpose is to create beauty, by embellishing homes with products that provide both comfort and durability. All of this produced by modern production systems that optimise energy consumption, are committed to the use of recycling and clean energy, and are based on processes that are respectful of our natural environment.

Our team

Our team is made up of about 1000 professionals, but to our company they are much more than employees, they are a family with a beautiful common project: to be happy in their work so they can make our customers happy as well.

We want to make sure that everyone here knows how important they are, that they can develop as people and professionals and that they are proud and excited to be a part of this team.

If you also share our vision of what work can be, you can participate in our selection processes.

Let's make it happen

In the Grupo Halcón there are no limits to professional growth, endless opportunities await you. We want to have the best team to go further, to offer the best service to our customers and the best product. Discover our job offers.


Einstein said that creativity is intelligence having fun.

At Halcón Cerámicas we share this vision of innovation. Our development technicians research market trends and are a constant source of ideas for the creation of new designs, as well as for new formats in different materials. The driving force behind their work is their love of creation, and this is reflected in their results.

Technology helps us to achieve this. By constantly renewing the facilities in our factories, we are able to implement the most advanced processes in order to guarantee cutting-edge products that satisfy all of our customers’ needs.

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