Grupo Halcon announces the acquisition of Cicogres.

Grupo Halcón, a Spain-based, global leader in ceramic tiles, announces the acquisition of the industrial assets (including 5 modern production lines with large format capabilities), brand and catalog of Cicogres, S.A., a Castellón-based ceramic tile producer with an impressive track record of innovation over more than 30 years of operations, as well as the transfer of the current workforce of Cicogres, S.A. to Grupo Halcón.

This transaction will reinforce the leadership of Grupo Halcón in the global ceramic tile industry, increasing production capacity by 10 million square meters per year, to a total of approximately 50 million square meters (including the two new lines discussed below) across 21 production lines, and generating sales exceeding €250 million across three established brands. Grupo Halcón will reinvigorate the Cicogres brand by launching a new catalogue of on-trend designs, while continuing to supply historical formats.

Regarding organic growth plans initiated in 2020, including investment of €45 million by 2021, Grupo Halcón has completed one of the two envisioned capacity expansions and two new showrooms at the group’s facility in Alcora (Castellón) as well as the new logistical center in Onda (Castellón). The first new production line, initialized in the spring of this year, added 4 million square meters of capacity and expanded Grupo Halcón’s capabilities to include large and polished tile formats. The second new production line, expected to come online in the fall of this year, will add another 4 million square meters of flexible capacity.

Francois Brendel, CEO of Grupo Halcón, noted: “We are very excited about the addition of valuable, plug-and-play assets from Cicogres – the transaction is a reflection of the group’s vision to supplement organic growth investment with accretive acquisitions. We are proud to welcome Cicogres’s team, recognized for professional service and quality manufacturing. With support from Falcon Private Holdings, the group’s majority shareholder since 2018, Grupo Halcón will continue to seek additional avenues for growth across geographies and channels.”

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