Artisan bakery in A Coruña, Spain

Designed to bring customers closer to the traditional way of baking bread, the Queiro architecture studio has created a welcoming bakery that fuses the classic and the modern.

The idea of using the Atelier imitation wood porcelain tile collection and the Dom cement-finish porcelain tile was to achieve a bright and warm bakery with two very distinct areas: the bread and product dispatch area and the cafeteria area with tables from which the bakers could be seen in action inside the bakery. All of this while also showing elements that make reference to Galicia and A Coruña, through a typical A Coruña gallery and Sargadelos lighting in the bar of the premises.

Following these indications, the Queiro interior design studio decided to make white its guiding thread, as its luminosity recalled the base of any bakery: flour, as well as porcelain imitation wood for the warmth of its bread-like hues.

The use of ceramics for public spaces is perfect for its easy maintenance, durability, hygiene, high resistance to knocks and sustainability, as it comes from natural raw materials and is maintained without the use of chemical products.

Materials: Atelier Collection, natural colour
Project: Queiro

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