Created from the distinguished Italian travertine and available in the avant-garde expressions of Crosscut or the classic elegance of Veincut, this collection signifies a further step in the evolution of ceramics.

Available in 4 shades, 2 warm shades with golden tones mixed with shades of beige and 2 cool ones with a soft and elegant appearance, providing a contemporary look.

The “Evolution” texture adds depth and character and redefines the limits of elegance, it is almost as if you can feel every little detail under your fingers.

Available in 4 carefully designed natural shades, this collection captures the essence of Nogal in its most elegant and serene form.

Walnut wood grains are one of the most distinctive and admired aspects. They follow wavy patterns, soft curves or straight lines that run across the surface and give it its unique character.


The Infinity collection is more than just stone. Its natural texture and design, with soft veins and details all over its surface show us the authenticity that the natural world has to offer.

The evolution finish gives it a subtle contrast and an incredibly realistic natural texture.

Welcome to the world of timelessness with our innovative “Aged” effect, a perfect fusion of past and present.

Through a careful and advanced technique, we have managed to give an aged effect to the surface of our porcelain tile giving it a natural texture that captivates the senses. Each piece becomes a unique masterpiece, with subtle nuances that reflect the beauty of the passage of time and where authenticity and sophistication merge in every detail.

Live Your Lappato

Step into a new dimension of elegance with our “Lappato” effect present in our most exclusive collections.

Each piece of our lappato porcelain shines with captivating splendor, capturing light exquisitely and enhancing details.

At the same time, its soft and silky texture offers a pleasant and subtle tactile experience.

Madox Lappato is available in 100x100 and 60x120 formats. It is complemented by the Daisy floral decor.

A minimalist and contemporary collection that fuses cement with a material aspect that makes it ideal for architectural spaces with an urban trend.

The extraordinary technical characteristics of the colour matched body make it ideal for all types of spaces.

It is available in two rectified formats 100x100 and 60x60 and in 4 neutral colours, and is ideal for combining with different types of cladding.

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Halcón Cerámicas was founded all the way back in 1963, a time when kilns were fed with logs from our mountains and tiles were sorted by hand.

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Our Project as a company cannot be understood without our concern for our surroundings, the environment and sustainability.


Halcon ceramicas has the regulatory certificates so that its economic activity complies with all quality and environmental standards.


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