Four brands capable of responding to the diversity of trends and responding to the requirements of our customers.

New ceramic expression concepts. Unique pieces and countless chromatic effects.


Quality and guarantee

Halcón Cerámicas provides a high-quality, designer ceramic product in a wide range of formats, colours and finishes. Ceramic wall and floor tiles.


Elegance and prestige

Porcelatec provides an elegant and classic product to customers with a high degree of refinement, technical porcelain stoneware and rectified whiteware floor tiles.


High performance and design

Attom is the brand that represents the range of porcelain tiles with the highest technical performance. This range offers unique designs full of textures and finishes in a variety of formats.


Simply lovely

Versatility is one of imosaici’s greatest weapons of seduction. Suitable for both inside and out, this range of mosaic tiles adapts to all decorating and interior decorating styles.