Hydraulic trend, our most “chic” porcelain tiles

Hydraulic trend, our most “chic” porcelain tiles

Hidraulic tiles have a large history, they were created about 100 years ago by hand and covered the most sofisticated houses, as they were very expensive in that times.

The first hidraulic tiles were made of cement , but they disappeared with the time, as they required a lot of maintenance ( the original cement tiles need to be waxed every 6 months) in order not to be damaged and stained.

Grupo Halcón now offers the best hidraulic designs with cero maintenance, made of highest quality porcelain with 100% guaranty against stains, abrasion and loss of colour for decades.

Available in size 33,3×33,3 and 45×45 pre-cut.

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33,3×33,3 hidraulicos

45×45 hidraulicos